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Oh, woe is me.

Today I toyed with the idea of giving up. Except that "toyed with" is a bad way of putting it, since it sounds way too playful for what I was feeling. But then I realized that giving up now meant not only failing in doing nanowrimo, but failing in writing this novel, and that's not really an option.

It's just ... I'm meeting my word count, but I feel like I'm writing less well with every passing day, like the characters are becoming caricatures and I'm getting further and further away from anything I'd actually feel proud of having written. And writing hasn't *felt* right for even one of the days of this month. I can force myself to sit down and generate word count, but I don't feel good about what comes out.

Anybody got any advice on what I might do to have at least one really good writing day, where the ideas, at least, if not the words, are things I can be proud of? Sort of shock therapy for writers? That would get me back on track, I think.
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