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Signup time! [05 Oct 2007|05:02pm]

[ mood | exhausted ]

You know, just in case no one noticed. ;)

</bad attempt at comm revival>

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nano monthly meetup [01 Dec 2003|01:53pm]

[ mood | groggy ]

hi folks.

i'm the co-liaison for toronto and we had such a great group this year we have found ways to continue to occasionally spend time with eachother until next nov.

here's hoping you can make some use out of this meetup:

registering with meetup.com is free. it's a great service to meet people on a variety of topics. nanowrimo is just one of them.

congrats on nov being over. see you next year, or perhaps at a nanomonthly meetup.

**crossposted to several nano communities**

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Sound off [30 Nov 2003|12:52pm]

By the end of today, post your final word count, whether you're officially a "winner" or not. Then state your plans for the stuff you've written so far, i.e. "I'm gonna finish this thing by the end of the year come hell or high water," "I'm gonna line the litter box with it," etc. :-)
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[29 Nov 2003|04:32pm]

[ mood | relieved ]


*sighs a sigh of relief*

Not quite finished, not yet, but nearly. And I can do that tomororw. Or after. No pressure. Noooo pressure.

I'm going to go finish Good Omens now. It's been waiting all month.

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Final report [23 Nov 2003|05:01pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

Total: 50044 words. Two and a half chapters to go, but I am taking a damn vacation for the holidays.

Victory is mine, people!

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a snippet [18 Nov 2003|05:22pm]

Tallahassee couldn’t remember the last time she’d been this content, this calm. Happy, a voice whispered, but too quietly for her fuzzy mind to hear. The several glasses of wine she’d had that evening had something to do with both the voice and the fuzziness.
The house was mostly dark and outside it was approaching midnight; she could see their reflection in the kitchen window because of the lamps on behind them. Late-night jazz played on the radio at the right volume; it was there, but not overpowering. Not that there was any other sound to compete with the music. She didn’t think she or Adam had said more than a handful of words to each other in the past hour.
They were playing cards at the kitchen table, their half-empty wine glasses sitting next to a completely empty bottle. Dinner had been cleared away long since, the two of them going about the familiar, homey task of cleaning up as comfortably as if they’d been sharing chores for years. Tal took pleasure in this newfound sense of companionship even as she wondered when it had grown up between them. Now, though, she didn’t much care; the silence they shared was natural as breathing, and the darkness outside made the low yellow lamp light indoors feel that much more warm and welcoming.
It reminded her of being young, so young that she was still innocent and happy. She remembered lying awake at night waiting for the house to go to sleep around her, listening to the sounds of her parents talking and drinking, cherishing the adult sounds of clinking glasses and cards being shuffled, the occasional bit of laughter floating back to her where she lay warm and safe in her bed. The memories came to her softly, without their usual bitter aftertaste, and even though part of her mind was busy reliving the few happy moments of her childhood in the distant past, most of her was able to enjoy the present moment even more.
She sighed. It was perfect, and she was happy. She told Adam so, and he smiled at her. “So am I,” he said. She smiled back, and the card game went on.
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the many ways of saying "i'm sorry" can't help me now [17 Nov 2003|02:03pm]

dearest novel.

i have wronged thee. i apologize. i have devalued you as a living, breathing organic being, and i have pumped you full of expectations that i probably never meant to fulfill. i don't mean to hurt you when i say that you weren't supposed to mean anything to me; it's true. you were a fling, an experiment, an abstraction of writing. and then i went and did the thing you're not supposed to do with an experiment: i fell in love. i am pygmalion and you are galatea.

i neglect you. i lead you on, opening your file and then staring blankly at the screen, pondering everything and nothing about you. i set time aside for you and then i find everything in the world to act as an excuse for not loving you properly. i have composed whole chapters of you that i haven't found the energy to put to writing. you hover at 7000, three measely scenes and mother of an ending. and yet, i love you.

i hope you can find some comfort in these words, when i tell you it's not because i do not care. oh, no, my novel novel (a pun!), that could not be further from the truth. i sit in idle because i love you too much, too much to fill your word count with words that don't mean a thing and exchanges that will inhabit the garbage can once the month is over. you're better than that. instead, i want to take my slow and measured time with you, crafting each word so that it perfectly fits each dimension of you. i want you to be subtle, i want you to be witty, i want you to be the perfect catch ending and yet, be right there in front of you for the entire time. i want to love in a way this one month stand won't allow.

don't be jealous of the other ones on the playground, the ones who, it seems, are getting more attention and love than you are in this month of You. they don't occupy this portion of my heart.

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The Halftime Report (dear novel, thanks for your patience) [17 Nov 2003|12:01pm]

[ mood | groggy ]

Okay, so I'm a couple days late. Sue me.

Two weeks in and two to go. Write an open letter--whether it's a love note or a Dear John--to your novel and post it here. I'll go first.

Dear Novel,

Hi. How are you? I am fine.

Remember how we were supposed to hang this weekend? And I waited all day? And by eight o'clock Saturday I'd only written 700 words or so? And then you showed up all late and we hung out until two in the morning and I got to the quota, but then the next morning I felt like I'd had my brains sucked out and replaced with mud of dubious origin?

Yeah, what's up with that? I gotta work during the day, yo. The least you could do is show up at a manageable time.

I'm sorry I cheated on you with one of my Secret Santa possibilities. I'm sorry I keep flirting with other projects. Baby, you know I love you, why you have to be so cruel?

The thing is, though, we better be done with one another by Thanksgiving, because I gotta go home, and I do *not* want to bring you with me. Not that there won't be enough food at my mom's house, but you're not a big eater and I'm going to need a break.

See you tonight, I hope.

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and I'm right on time, and the bells keep ringing [11 Nov 2003|09:05am]

[ mood | jubilant ]

fifty percent, baby, yeah!

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Nanoing [10 Nov 2003|01:03pm]

[ mood | distressed ]

I should be writing marvelous prose for my Nano novel, which shall explain the meaning of life in the context of coming of age, while sorting out a tangled love triangle and all that crap in one brilliant novel.

Instead, I am writing job descriptions for work, e.g.:

Senior Staff Attorneys need the ability to comprehend the ramifications of the legal issues, to recognize and develop enduring strategies, and be able to mentally absorb the true totality of the dimensions of the complex problems presented in order to offer solutions to their clients.

Maybe one of my characters could write job descriptions - that would add 2000 words or so a pop.


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[10 Nov 2003|04:13pm]

(crossposted from my own LJ)

Since The Boy had moved one of the computers out to the balcony, and is using this one to do his school projects nearly all the time, I'm doing my writing longhand. Three pages (math, not lines) and running. I estimate I do about 250-300 words a page. So. And since I didn't write yesterday, I need.... about 10-15 pages today to catch up. And then typing and wordcounting... I suppose it'll be a few days before I have an actual wordcount again. And it's not like I was all that up to par to begin with.

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The Week One Update Thread [09 Nov 2003|12:10am]

[ mood | determined ]

One week down, and today was my worst day so far. But it's okay. I'll make up for it tomorrow.

So I would like to believe.

Everybody check!

Title: Fire Events
Word Count: 20500
Quote: A muscle-bound Christ suffers in cold gray stone, his wrists nailed to a massive mahogany cross. His blank eyes look out over the benches, an empty but inescapable gaze.
Frustration: Knowing what needs to happen subtextually and not textually.
Thrill: Figuring out a major plot point that explains almost everything.
Goal: 25000 by end of business tomorrow (read: when I pass out).

Post your update in the comments. And keep your fingers crossed, at least, when you're not typing.

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Oh, woe is me. [08 Nov 2003|04:30pm]

[ mood | morose ]

Today I toyed with the idea of giving up. Except that "toyed with" is a bad way of putting it, since it sounds way too playful for what I was feeling. But then I realized that giving up now meant not only failing in doing nanowrimo, but failing in writing this novel, and that's not really an option.

It's just ... I'm meeting my word count, but I feel like I'm writing less well with every passing day, like the characters are becoming caricatures and I'm getting further and further away from anything I'd actually feel proud of having written. And writing hasn't *felt* right for even one of the days of this month. I can force myself to sit down and generate word count, but I don't feel good about what comes out.

Anybody got any advice on what I might do to have at least one really good writing day, where the ideas, at least, if not the words, are things I can be proud of? Sort of shock therapy for writers? That would get me back on track, I think.

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Back on track [06 Nov 2003|10:43pm]

[ mood | good ]

Yesterday I had a killer headache and wrote 0 words. Zero. As in nothing. But so far today I've done over 1800 words, and I just got to a good bit, so I'll probably write some more before I head to bed.

I decided I am going to count the 2896 words I wrote on the wrong novel as part of my word count, however. It's just too depressing to have two days with zero word counts this early. Hopefully I can remove them at the end and still make my goal.

I also figured out a good bit of the overall plot to this stupid thing today. Yes to the elopement of the sister, no to the duel with the cad.

Edited to add: 2370 for the day, 11730 all told, good night.

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Great. Just great. [07 Nov 2003|01:48am]

It's only day 6 (ignore what the date stamp says. Until I've closed the 06-11.txt file it's still day 6) and I'm already behind. Today's file has 1300 words, the main file has 7334. Total: 8634. Which means I'm way behind on where I wanted to be (12,000) and even behind on where I need to be (10,002). And I've been kind of stuck, kind of still drabbling here and there bits of exposition, still in my opening story, not really the main one. Subplots refuse to develop, and the characters refuse to talk to me. And as a result, I'm not writing. It's not that there's been a day when I haven't written at all, but there have been plenty of days when I haven't written enough. Two days when I barely wrote 500 words. Gah.

Well, went home. Maybe I can do better here. Maybe the story'll pick up. Someone wants to whack my characters so they'll talk to me?
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Block lifted. [07 Nov 2003|12:44am]

[ mood | relieved ]

At least for now. I managed to get back on schedule, but lost my cushion, I'm going to try to build it back up over the next few days. Thank you all for your kind words, they definitely helped.

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Nano burnout approaching. [05 Nov 2003|10:14pm]

[ mood | tired ]

Less then a week in and 10,000 words down and I feel the burn out coming...

Mommy I don't want to write today.


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[05 Nov 2003|02:28am]

1,150 in... and I'm stuck already... just wonderful. Anyway, you can check out what I have here: a_rose_hostage Any idea's suggestions are welcome, just ignore the grammer, I'm fixing that up later. ^^;;
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