Ship (whitestar2) wrote in nanonow,

Great. Just great.

It's only day 6 (ignore what the date stamp says. Until I've closed the 06-11.txt file it's still day 6) and I'm already behind. Today's file has 1300 words, the main file has 7334. Total: 8634. Which means I'm way behind on where I wanted to be (12,000) and even behind on where I need to be (10,002). And I've been kind of stuck, kind of still drabbling here and there bits of exposition, still in my opening story, not really the main one. Subplots refuse to develop, and the characters refuse to talk to me. And as a result, I'm not writing. It's not that there's been a day when I haven't written at all, but there have been plenty of days when I haven't written enough. Two days when I barely wrote 500 words. Gah.

Well, went home. Maybe I can do better here. Maybe the story'll pick up. Someone wants to whack my characters so they'll talk to me?
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